5 Things to See and Do in Sydney

Sydney is Australia’s home of famous outdoor beaches, iconic heritage places, and famous winery regions. Sydney is Australia’s biggest city. It’s also the most visited cities down under. Contrary to what people have often erroneously thought, Sydney is not Australia’s capital!

Below are the other things to see and do Sydney:

  1. Visit the Rocks

The rocks are among the oldest parts of Sydney. The city is home, though, to narrow lanes, colonial buildings, sandstone churches, and the oldest pubs in the country. Such a neighborhood initiated the influx of the first British people that landed in Australia. Sydney reportedly risked a situation in which Sydney was almost torn down during the 1970’s of being fitting of brand-new and trending of modern high rises. Luckily, though, obviously many citizens have exerted efforts in having these structures preserved, as well. The weekend markets, art museums, street entertainment, tasty (but, at times, expensive) restaurants and pretty harbor views make Sydney a place where a melting pot of activities take place. There are always fun things to do for all adults, children, and other young people in Sydney. The Sydney Observatory Hill Park offers a good view of the city’s 365 degree image.

  1. Botanic Gardens and Mrs. Macquarie Chair

Royal botanic gardens is home to Australia’s first vegetable garden and groups of trees, ferns, flowers, and gardens. On a given day, you’ll find local Sydney people enjoying the sun all over the garden’s lawns.

Within the garden, you’ll find Mrs. Macquarie’s chair, a seat carved into a stone cliff. This seat is the place where onlookers can sit and stare out at the harbor. There are also available free one-hour tours of the garden in which volunteers lead as tour guides. The admission to these tours are free of charge.

  1. The Opportunities to Learn to Surf

Surfing is Australia’s favorite water hobby. There are multiple companies in Sydney that offer surfing lessons. Bondi is Sydney’s most popular beach. Meanwhile, Manly on the north shore of Sydney has got the better waves you may love. Surfboard rentals range from $12 AUD per hour. On the other hand, two-hour group lessons are priced at approximately 75 AUD. Umina beach, Collaroy beach, and Corrimal beach are beaches where beginners can best learn surfing.

  1. Get Into Coastal Walks

You can go into breathtaking coastal walks in multiple sites in Sydney. Taking walks in these sites lets you savor the natural scenic beauty of Sydney harbor. Many people love getting into two-hour Coogee-to-Bondi walks on a regular basis during weekdays. During weekends, the crowdedness at Coogee makes people want to skip taking walks there. I have realized that the shorter length walks in Watson’s Bay and the Split-to-Manly are more serene and more mesmerizing.

  1. Drop by the Markets for Visits

The farmers’ markets make any one wants to cook a variety of produce and seafood. Examples of notably well-known markets in Sydney are Fish market, Bondi Farmers’ market, and the flower market. Glebe market is the site where you can buy vintage clothes, local handicrafts, and stalls that sell delicious foods.

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