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Kristen Henry – An Australian Expat Who Has Lived in Many Countries Can Give Expert Travel Tips

Kristen Henry is a millennial Australian expat who has spent most of her adult life travelling and living in different countries. Kristen is a native of Melbourne, Australia. She first started to explore travelling by taking trips out of her native Melbourne, and onto different parts of Australia.

Kristen has discovered why many foreigners love the Australian outdoor spaces and the wild animals down under. Examples of these outdoor spaces and wild animals are the beaches, koala bears, and kangaroos, respectively.

Kristen can relate to the reasons of foreigners for loving tropical outdoor spaces and wild animals after having taken trips to Asian tropical countries. Kristen lived in about four Southeast Asian countries for four months in each nation. During the time period she lived in these countries, she realized that humidity in outdoor spaces was nothing to be bothered about when she could get a tan by being out in several beaches.

Kristen loved the beaches in sunny Bali, Indonesia, Bangkok, Thailand, and Boracay, Philippines. These beaches have sizable spaces for her to be in any spot to get a tan. Being in these beaches gave Kristen opportunities to go surfing multiple times, as well.

There were dangerous animals out in the wild in the jungle of Philippines. But so long as one takes precaution, Kristen has seen that there’s nothing to worry about having safety and welfare being endangered out in the wild. Nothing compares to setting out on adventures to enjoy being in the company of exotic animals and environments out in the wilderness in this part of Asia.

Kristen advises travelers to Southeast Asian countries, like the Philippines, Malaysia, Indonesia, and Thailand, to exercise extra caution when going out and about in town. The outskirts of the suburbs and even town areas in these countries may be the heart where crimes occur when it’s dark at night. Kristen suggests that travelers avoid carrying a lot of cash and other monetary resources, such as credit cards, debit cards, and any document of monetary purpose, such as bank statements and bank passbooks. The Australian expat likewise strongly recommends that travelers avoid wearing expensive accessories and clothing. It’s highly important to keep a low and humble profile while out and about in these countries. Poverty conditions in these countries are widespread. Such a situation appears to be the reason why many major crimes happen in multiple parts of these countries.

Stay tuned as Kristen goes on adventures in other parts of Australia and the world. Learn about travel tips in other countries and continents in Kristen’s next update.